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Sandeep Desai
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How it all began
My search for more
My introduction
to T'ai Chi
My transformation through T'ai Chi
Yoga Gallery

Of all the changes that my body underwent after I had begun practising T'ai Chi, one of the most significant was the distinct improvement in my flexibility. It improved to the point where I could perform some of the highly advanced Hatha yoga poses that seemed a far distant dream only a year ago. For years, I had wanted to achieve those poses but the harder I tried, the more difficult they felt. No words can describe the sheer delight I felt at being able to perform intricate 'asanas' in just the span of two years, with the help of T'ai Chi. I could clearly see the benefits of T'ai Chi in practising Hatha yoga. Even though I do not combine the two systems in my teachings due to their different approaches to training methods, yoga has now become an integral part of my daily routine.

Standing Postures Sitting Postures Balancing Postures Supine & Prone Postures  
Inverted Postures Back Bends
Standing Postures
(PARSVA = sideways; UTTAN = extension)
(VIRABHADRA = a warrior from Indian mythology)
Parivrtta Trikonasana
(PARIVRTTA = reverse; TRIKONA = triangle)
(UTTANA = extension)
Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana
(PARIVRTTA = reverse; ARDHA = half; CHANDRA = moon)
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