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What is T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is an internal, ancient martial art - focusing on slow, soft movements that promote dynamic energy and cultivate inward focus. When you learn this art from the standpoint of health and healing, it is called T'ai Chi; when it is studied with an emphasis on self-defence, T'ai Chi becomes T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

  More about T'ai Chi  

Easy to learn and enjoyable to perform, T'ai Chi is a wonderful form of exercise which can be practised by anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Based upon observations of animals, T'ai Chi movements alternate between slow and quick, gentle and firm, rising and sinking, contracting and expanding. These continually spiraling, coiling, flowing movements train both body and mind in balance, coordination and control. Besides raising energy levels, regular practice of T'ai Chi speeds up recovery from illness and injury, lessens the need for sleep and reduces the tendency to become sick.

History of T'ai Chi  



T'ai Chi is the highest form of martial art. A tiny force can move mountains: T'ai Chi is based on that principle. A force of four ounces can topple a weight of one thousand pounds. T'ai Chi derives its strength from Silk Reeling, the force generated from circular motion. Just as a cyclone is dramatically more powerful than a steady wind, so the circular movements of T'ai Chi conceal formidable force. Its results can be measured in terms of good health, happiness, longevity and inner peace.

The main purpose in studying T'ai Chi is to come into harmony with the universe, first, for our own inner growth and secondarily, to help others to grow.