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Sensei Sandeep Desai has written several beautiful articles about T'ai Chi, which provide readers with an insight into this fascinating art and stimulate further inquiry about the subject.

The following are some of the articles that were written for the Times of India - the Speaking Tree column.

  Push the Sky, Open Your Wings, Take Off
- 30 December, 2003
  Fetch Your Breath Up From Deep Below
- 12 May, 2004
  Just Stand Still to be in Sync with Nature
- 18 June, 2004

The Lasting Benefits of T’ai Chi
- 1 February, 2005

  T’ai Chi Strengthens the Mind-Body Link
- 15 April, 2005
  Emotional and Spiritual Balance with T’ai Chi
- 30 June, 2005
  Good Teaching Inspires Flowering of the Mind
- 28 September, 2005
  T’ai Chi is the Difference Between Life and Death
- 9 November, 2005
  Gains from Independent Practice of T’ai Chi
- 9 April, 2007
  Sit Like A Bell And Walk Like The Wind
- 7 July, 2007
  T'ai Chi Is Effective In Sharpening Concentration
- 2 January, 2008
  Remove All The Pressure That Builds Up Within You
- 3 April, 2008
  Relaxed and Competitive with T'ai Chi
- 8 August, 2008 (Olympic Special)
T'ai Chi for Energy is Absolutely Seamless
- 16 April, 2009
Other Articles
    T'ai Chi for Women (20 May, 2007)