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Sandeep Desai
  My introduction to T'ai Chi  
How it all began
My search for
My introduction
to T'ai Chi
My transformation through T'ai Chi
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In 1998, I was introduced to Dr.Bob Bacher in Freising, Germany, who had studied both T'ai Chi and Hatha Yoga for many years. Dr Bacher became my first teacher in T'ai Chi. I will be forever indebted to Dr Bacher for teaching me Chen style, from which all the other styles of T'ai Chi have evolved.


Becoming a student of Bob was like finding a hidden treasure. What left a deep imprint on my mind was his selflessness, which led him to quit a thriving practice of chiropractic and heal his patients through T'ai Chi. His approach is like teaching someone to fish instead of giving him a fish.

My faith moved from belief into conviction when I studied T'ai Chi from a medical as well as martial arts angle with him and my old ideas on martial arts were changed. I realized I had found the most medically sound and logical way of keeping my body in peak condition!

Having experienced various other exercise forms, including rigorous karate training, I was convinced that this was definitely superior and more pleasurable. With T'ai Chi, I felt exhilarated, invigorated, and revitalized after each session.