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DVD 1:
9 Chi Building
& 6 Silk Reeling Exercises
DVD 2:
14 Joint Loosening Exercises
& 7 Advanced Leg Stretches
DVD 3:
Spinal Stretches & T'ai Chi Walk
DVD 4:
Short Form
DVD 5:
Lao Jia Yi Lu
Old Frame First Form (Part 1)
DVD 6:
Lao Jia Yi Lu
Old Frame First Form (Part 2)
DVD 7:
Lao Jia Yi Lu
Old Frame First Form (Part 3)
DVD 8:
Lao Jia Yi Lu
Old Frame First Form (Continuous)

DVD Video
Running Time: 45 mins
Price: Rs. 550 or USD 18

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9 Chi Building & 6 Silk Reeling Exercises

Chi Building Movements (taiji gong) focus on precise structural alignment, active relaxation, softness, balance and mind/body coordination. These exercises calm the mind, strengthen the chi and make the whole body robust. They teach the student to move slowly and softly. In doing so, shortcomings become more evident and can be best rectified.

Embracing the Tree (wu ji hun yuan gong)
Pushing the Sky (tuo tian gong)
The Great T'ai Chi Circle (xia an gong)
Snatching the Yang (zhua yang gong)
Opening the Wings (zhan ci gong)
Embracing the Ball (bao qiu gong)
Opening and Closing (kai he gong)
Turning the Waist (zhuan yao gong)
Raising and Lowering the Arms (qi shou gong)

T'ai Chi derives its strength from Silk Reeling - the force generated from spiraling, coiling circular motions. Silk Reeling Movements (chan si gong) are the basic alphabet of Chen Style T'ai Chi and acclimatize the student to learn the Form. They also give an insight into the timeless 70% rule of moderation. The practice of these exercises not only enhances physical and mental well-being, but also lays a foundation for proper understanding of how T'ai Chi functions as a martial art.

Single Arm Rolling
Single Arm Reverse Rolling
Double Arm Rolling
Double Arm Reverse Rolling
Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
Lazily Tying One's Coat