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T'ai Chi - Ultimate Mind, Body and Soul Workout
T'ai Chi is recognized as the 'fountain of youth' that slows down the process of ageing. The regular practice of T'ai Chi offers a multitude of benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved balance, coordination and reflexes
  • Self-defense
  • Limitless energy
  • Deep physical relaxation
  • Heightened awareness of self and surrounding
  • Patience
  • Stronger bones, muscles and organs
  • Renewed harmony with nature
SENSEI SANDEEP DESAIis a master of T'ai Chi, Ashtanga Yoga and Martial Arts having several International Accolades to his name. He holds 5th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate, acquired in Okinawa, Japan.He has trained arduously and extensively in Chenjiagou village, the birthplace of T'ai Chi in China. He has received several medals and successfully completed the 'Full Time Training' under the strict supervision of Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua.

We welcome requests from interested parties (individuals, schools, organizations, small businesses, and large corporations) to host T'ai Chi workshops and retreats in new locations.

To find out more about Chen Style T'ai Chi, our training program, or how to schedule events and private instruction, please contact us.
T'ai Chi International Academy Tel.: 022 - 2671 6630 Cell: 9987044284, 9820077570 Email:taichiindia@hotmail.com | Website: www.taichiindia.com | Join us on Facebook.com/taichiindia

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Training Centers in Mumbai


Off Carter Road
Day:Tuesday and Thursday
(7.30 am to 9.00 am)

Morning: (NEW BATCH)

Smt K D Vora Industrial Home for Blind Women,
Lallubhai Park Lane,
Andheri (W)
Day: Tuesday and Friday
(7.30 am to 9.00 am)

Weekend Class
V.P Garden
Lallubhai Park Lane
Next to Surya Hospital
Andheri (west)
Saturday(7.30 am to 9.00 am)


Basic Course Content:
In Basic Course for 6 months , we will cover:
  • Chen Style T'ai Chi Foundations
  • Joint-Loosening Movements
  • Spine Stretching Exercises
  • Circles (Positive and Negative)
  • Energy Alignment
  • T'ai Chi Walk
  • The Original 'Yilu' Form (1st 15 moves)

T'ai Chi Meditation
The standing posture is basic to T'ai Chi Ch'uan and all of the internal martial arts. It is used to dissolve tension, promote smooth uninterrupted chi (energy) flow and to understand and develop internal power.
9 Chi Building Exercises
Basic Exercises focus on precise structural alignment, active relaxation, softness, balance, mind/body co-ordination, building leg strength and endurance, spiral mechanics, improving circulation, and increasing flexibility. These exercises calm the mind, strengthen the chi and provide physical benefits
Joint Loosening Moves
Joint Loosening Movements provide full articulation (complete range of motion) to all your joints, with the help of smooth, continuous, circular motion. This makes your joints flexible in all directions. They serve as warm-up exercises prior to any demanding activity and loosen tightened, knotted muscles that inhibit circulation and relaxation. These gentle movements are also known to relieve joint pain and heal joint and spinal injuries.
Spinal Stretches
Spinal Stretches help improve your vertebral alignments. Suppleness of the spine is of utmost importance in order to maintain youthfulness as your whole balance arises from your spine. Back pain is often caused when your spinal vertebra go out of position. When the spinal vertebrae are in alignment and have an optimum amount of space between them, the spine remains long and healthy
Positive and Negative Circles
The positive and negative circles represent yin and yang energies and are the alphabetof Chen Style Taiji. Through circles, you learn how to align the body,open the joints and relax the muscles. Not only they enhance physical and mental well-being but also lay the foundation for proper understanding of how T'ai Chi functions as a martial art.

If one is to retain the youthful exuberance, the flexibility of the joints is absolutely vital. If a joint cannot straighten or bend, it indicates that energy and circulation are getting blocked. Every tai chi move is performed with the specific intention of giving your joints a full articulation, a complete range of motion through a circular motion (rotation).

Fees Rs. 15000/ for 6 months Basic Course
Inclusive of

  • Certificate upon the completion of The Foundation Course
  • A Small Book of T'ai Chi written by Sensei Sandeep Desai

(A request for three months training possible in special cases)

Monthly course fees Rs.3000.

Sensei Sandeep Desai is available for private instruction for Rs 5000 for one hour and a half

  • Scholarship is offered to deserving students.
  • Easy pay option available.
  • Special Fee for students and Senior citizens.
We offer special courses for outstation students in Mumbai for
2 weeks (Rs. 10000/-) OR
1 month (Rs. 25000/-)