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Sensei Desai in Chenjiagou village  
Regular practice of T'ai Chi:  

Strengthens and stimulates every muscle, joint, organ, gland and tissue of your body

Encourages chi to flow through the acupuncture meridians of the body and dissolves energy blockages

Heals chronic health problems and joint and back injuries

Raises energy level and improves circulation

Relieves stress, even deep unconscious stress that often goes undetected

Reverses many symptoms associated with the "normal" process of ageing


Strengthens the immune system

Stabilizes blood pressure

Twists and turns, the basic requirement of every T'ai Chi movement, help to digest food

Restores youthful flexibility and stamina

Makes you stronger, healthier and more vibrant with the passing years

Eliminates internal weakness, the root cause of all disease

Confers greater sexual endurance